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In 1968, the first pizzerias opened in Sweden. There is some ambiguity as to which was the very first, but there is no doubt that pizza had its big impact the following decade, in the 70s. We think it's worth celebrating because this dish has etched itself so deeply into our food culture. Therefore, we are inspired by the 70s in most of what we do, but try to do it in a contemporary vintage.


We are inspired by how people in the 70s joined together to achieve change - how they fought for human rights and against injustice in the world. We are also inspired by the decor and style of the era where the elegant "Manhattan floor" has influenced our interior. We want to recreate this at Deg. We want all people to feel welcome if only to eat a fantastically good pizza and drink something just as good. It doesn't have to be harder than that. 


With this in mind, we also want to create the perfect pizza based on a perfect dough. The dough is the focus and forms the core of all our pizzas. We then work with ingredients and toppings to create new and unique flavors. We bake the pizza in what we call "High temp", that is to say at about 460 degrees. In about 90 seconds, the pizza is baked and ready to serve. This method and process we have taken inspiration and knowledge from pizza's homeland Italy. 


It should also be added that we thought there was a lack of a really good pizza place in central Gothenburg. Why shouldn't it be cosy, fresh and hip to sit for a long time and eat a pizza?! Or two.

All pizzas are served sliced so it is easy for the group to share and taste each other. That way, hopefully, you won't get tired of a taste. Start with one, then another, etc...

We are very satisfied and proud of our pizzas and hope to give you a pizza experience you won't soon forget. Our aim is to keep you coming back again and again. 


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